The #1 Best-selling WordPress Theme of All Time

Everyone from the first-time WordPress user to the professional web designer has fallen in love with Avada. That’s because this multipurpose WordPress theme makes it so easy to create an amazing website — and fast, too.

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Meet Avada: The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes

When Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed called Avada the Swiss army knife of WordPress themes, he wasn’t exaggerating. Avada is the ultimate website builder. It has everything you need to build a successful website or online store:


Selling theme ever


Pre-built web pages


Happy WordPress users


Design and layout elements


Responsive framework


Average star rating


Premium plugin bundle


Months free support


Professional prebuilt sites


SEO friendly

The Complete WordPress Website Building Toolkit

Build everything from one-page business websites to thriving online marketplaces without ever having to write a single line of code. You’ll have unlimited powers with Avada.

1-Click Demo Importer

The demo importer that doesn’t waste your time. No XML files needed. Just pick your favorite pre-built site design, click to install, and it’s yours to customize.

Drag-and-drop Builder

Avada’s live visual builder lets you build an impressive website in a few hours. Start with one of the countless templates. Then, drag and drop the elements you need to make it your own.

Limitless Layouts and Designs

There are endless possibilities to what you can create with Avada. You can customize everything — layouts, content, headers, footers, forms, store pages, pop-ups, and more!

Global Options

Updating global styles across your website has never been easier. Avada’s theme options give you the ability to customize everything, including color palettes and typography sets.

Responsive Framework

Avada is the tried-and-tested responsive WordPress theme that adapts to every screen size. No more need to double-check that your site works on every device you own.

Speed Optimization

The theme that’s built for speed. Not only does the lightweight website builder speed up your workflow, the impeccable code quality leads to high-performance results, too.


It’s insanely easy to customize your shop with Avada’s WooCommerce builder. Use one of our ecommerce templates or create custom shop, cart, checkout, and product page layouts.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Whether you prefer to do it yourself or to get an expert to help you, Avada provides responsive, comprehensive support in a variety of formats.

Get Everything You Need in One WordPress Theme

Want to build the website or web store of your dreams? Then, take the wheel with the Avada theme and turn your vision into a reality in only a few hours.

What Makes 750,000+ Users Trust Avada?

You don’t get to be the top-selling WordPress theme for nearly a decade without good cause.

Avada has over 24,000 5-star reviews on ThemeForest. Here’s what some of this website builder’s fans have to say about it:

“The support team has consistently provided me with excellent recommendations for improving my website and for solving display problems (that I have inadvertently created).”

“I absolutely LOVE this theme. It's chock full of features allowing you to do pretty much anything you need to do. And if I can't quite figure out how to do something their support is honest to goodness the best around! I've been using their themes now for several years and have never come across a support person yet that hasn't provided 10/10 support!”

“It can certainly do a great deal of stuff. Makes it easy to implement and get your site up and running while looking very professional.”

“Have tried many WordPress themes and we now use Avada for all our websites and have doneso for 2 years now. Can't fault the theme, coded well, runs quickly, incredible customisable, amazing support, the best page builder. They also continue to develop and add more features. This is the ultimate WordPress theme in our opinion.”

“Amazing and now easier to use than ever. I love this theme! It's easy to customize to make your website look unique and not like a cookie cutter template.”

“Avada is the best web builder out there. Truly incredible backend. Powerful, yet easy to manage. There is a great reason why this is the top seller in WordPress. It's the Best!”

“I get a lot of compliments on my website. I've gotten great customer support too, which is really important to me.”

“I have nearly 10 installations of the Avada theme. The customer support is superlative. The team is prompt, patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. The ease of implementation of complex/impressive features is also another reason I always choose Avada. Once you get beyond minor learning curves you will never use another theme.”

“I was 100% new to making web pages when I first purchased this. It has everything I need and was fairly easy to learn with a minimal amount of effort. Plenty of support with YouTube videos.”

Just a Few More Things You Should Know About Avada

Performance Matters

Did you know that one of the most important ranking factors for a website these days is page speed? While the Avada WordPress theme in and of itself is lightweight and fast to build with, it also comes with speed-enhancing features for your website.

The built-in Performance Wizard will allow you to:
  • Disable unused features
  • Manage fonts
  • Optimize CSS and JavaScript
  • Defer unused CSS
  • Optimize image and video files
  • Enable lazy loading
  • Scan for icons
avada performance wizard
avada support

World-class Professional Support

Support is critical whether you’re building your first WordPress website or your twentieth. With your Avada purchase, you’ll get:

  • 6 months of free support
  • Option to extend support for 6 to 12 months
  • Free lifetime updates for theme

When you do need support, Avada has you covered with a world-class support team, comprehensive documentation, and an extensive video tutorial library.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Avada?

To use Avada, please make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress, PHP, and MySQL.

How much does the Avada theme cost?

There’s a one-time fee for an Avada license. You’ll receive the WordPress theme, 6 months of support, and lifetime theme updates. If you want additional support, you can purchase the optional 6- to 12-month support extension.

Is Avada GDPR-compliant?

Technically, what needs to be compliant is the website you build, not the software or framework it’s built on. The Avada WordPress theme as an entity does not violate GDPR criteria because it does not collect any data.

That said, the theme includes privacy tools that will help you simplify your compliance with GDPR:

  • Privacy banner customization
  • Google font management
  • Control your third-party embeds
  • Control tracking code consent
  • Control contact form consent
  • Craft custom registration messages

Which premium plugins come with Avada?

You get over $200 worth of premium plugins when you purchase the Avada WordPress theme. This plugin bundle includes:

  • Avada Builder
  • Slider Revolution
  • Layer Slider
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • Convert Plus
  • FileBird
  • Fusion White Label Branding

Avada also seamlessly integrates with WordPress’s most popular free and premium plugins, like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WPML, and more.

Get the Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need

Avada is hands-down the best multipurpose theme and website builder on the market. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your experience is with WordPress — there are no limits to what you can build with Avada.


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Avada has been the #1 selling theme for nearly a decade, making it the most trusted and complete WordPress theme on the market. We encourage you to give it a try. It will change your outlook on what a WordPress theme can do.