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Avada vs Divi: Which of These Popular WordPress Themes Is Right for You?

You’re looking to buy a WordPress theme and have heard good things about Avada and Divi. They’ve both been rated — by their users as well as the industry — as two of the best WordPress themes. 

So does it matter which one you pick? It does. 

Before you go spending money on one of these WordPress theme powerhouses, consider what they each do best. While they might promise similar solutions, you’ll soon see how incredibly different they are when you step inside the themes as well as their website builders. 

Below you’ll find a side-by-side comparison of the Avada vs Divi theme. We’ll compare the themes on the following aspects:

Avada vs Divi theme comparison

As a web designer, you’re not just looking for a WordPress theme that’s cost-effective. You want something that fits well with your style of working and will also help you achieve great outcomes for your clients. 

Avada and Divi are two of the best WordPress themes to do this with. Which one will be best for you depends on a number of factors. Consider the following in side-by-side Avada theme review and Divi theme review:

Customer ratings

  • 65,000 users
  • 25,400 reviews
  • 4.78-star rating
  • 881,000 users
  • 21,800 reviews
  • 4.9-star rating


Launched in 2012, Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Theme Fusion. It is available on ThemeForest for purchase. 

At the time of writing this, the theme has more than 865,000 sales, making it the top-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest. In addition, there are 25.4K user reviews giving the Avada theme an average 4.78-star rating out of 5.


Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes and it was released in 2013. It is available for purchase on the Elegant Themes website.

You can go to Trustpilot to see what users have to say about the Divi WordPress theme. There are almost 22K user reviews and the theme has received a 4.9-star rating out of 5.

Ease of use

  • Easy to find control panel
  • Brief Setup Wizard 
  • Theme settings well-organized
  • No builder walkthrough
  • Control panel is easy to find
  • No Setup Wizard
  • Simplified theme settings 
  • Helpful builder walkthrough 


Each theme has a vastly distinct setup process. After installing Avada, for instance, your new Avada menu will appear under your WordPress Dashboard link.

5D9FR DI7TFae THSwt0kfcn9OrpK2D2 8EuTUwUx6cQBSQhivwtyeNRog4DEsG30t57hbf4O8b6D5sNop4R6alPJx8J0ce59TPHYrjQHFP7F9J0ixjgLJRI4YebbTLyWT82Z 2XXtQ5Ye0 Me 9D0U

Before you can start using the theme, the first thing you’ll need to do is register the theme with the code you received from ThemeForest and Avada. 

After that, you’ll be invited to install the required Avada plugins along with any of the ones that came in the theme bundle. 

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From this point on, you’ll be on your own and that’s okay. 

Avada’s WordPress menu clearly breaks down everything you have control over. This includes global theme settings, pre-built website selections, performance control, maintenance mode, as well as support.

The Avada builder is just as intuitive. Everything is well-laid out and clearly labeled, which means you’ll be building and customizing websites in no time at all.


Divi doesn’t require much of an onboarding process. After installation, you’ll immediately be taken to the Divi Theme Options panel.

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While you can use the WordPress theme and start updating settings immediately after installation, it would be beneficial to add your account info to the Theme Options > Updates area so you can start receiving automatic theme updates.

You’re free to peruse the simplified Divi dashboard. From here, you can customize theme options, do light configurations to the builder, set role-specific access, design global parts of your theme, and get support.

It’s not until you enter the builder that you’ll receive direct support from Divi again.

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In addition to seeing options on how to build the new page — i.e. use existing content, choose a premade layout, or clone an existing page — you’ll also be invited to take a quick tour if you want it.


  • 90+ responsive pre-built websites
  • 120+ page and section templates
  • 145+ builder elements
  • 295+ responsive website packs
  • 2,000+ page and section templates
  • 65 builder elements


As of 2023, Avada has more than 90 pre-built sites for a variety of industries, including:

  • Corporate
  • eCommerce
  • Portfolio
  • Food
  • Travel

Go to the Websites panel to see all of the Avada theme samples: 

 EsiBFzDR49Qoahyg KfHZP2vqaLM5ce3baJKxOt VShPRfQnTmVgFh7JiNJmYiOtaXdGR V3GGFzyhKtMDGmjeA4HHbsi9S9jcBs 5VMD5bxsQSX9TjBq 7cgqc1ZsKHi9xY1L4Xb33I7I7I6kl0RI

These high-quality Avada pre-built templates are fully responsive. What’s more, you’re going to find that their designs are super modern and fall perfectly in line with modern trends — with vibrant colors, useful microinteractions, creative layouts, and more. 

In addition, Avada users get access to 120+ Avada Studio templates, which are premade pages and sections you can use to quickly add new content to your sites. For instance, you can use an Avada blog layout to quickly skin your blog post pages.

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Within the builder itself, you’ll find 145 elements you can use to build your layouts, design your pages or store, and create forms.


Don’t worry if that seems like a lot of elements to sift through. You can customize which ones appear here.


Divi handles templates a little differently from Avada. It also receives outside help from the expansive Divi community of contributors.

For starters, you’ll find the templates in the Divi Library. As of writing this, there are 295+ full website layout packs available. Within each pack is a Divi landing page design as well as standard website pages. Which pages you get depends on what type of website it is. 

Divi’s templates cover a wide range of industries. For example:

  • Art & Design
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • Services
EeFAI6dxH7C0BMcXlNby990Phz5gaeo2 IaQmBawHihewaZXqH9wEercTAQ5h2aRljTv93hwnFeMvOhyQAc6bEWaMWzi2xRkyjAgnvbq 0sLNgXN7Xc15XmKP5l00EDi5AmD6btDp DXHLIvoD4TtS0

You don’t need to import one of the full website and shop packs into your website to take advantage of these premade designs. There are more than 2,000 page designs you can import individually as needed. These will come in handy for all types of content, like if you want to create a blog layout with Divi.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Divi Library, you’ll likely find it in the Divi Marketplace. While some of the content there is free, most of the Divi layouts, themes, and extensions come at a premium which can quickly drive up the cost of your website. 

Divi also has a vast collection of 200+ elements to offer users. 

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If you look at the selection of elements inside the Divi builder, it might seem like a small set. There are 40 native elements as well as 25 WooCommerce elements if you’re looking to build a shop. You can extend this collection, however, by importing modules from the Divi Marketplace.

Global theme settings 

  • Global theme options available
  • Customize layouts, styling, and settings to areas of the site
  • Global styling for Avada elements
  • Customize Avada builder editing experience
  • Enable maintenance mode
  • Basic theme settings in dashboard
  • Global theme options in Customizer 
  • Customize layouts, styles, and settings for theme
  • Enable ads and configure ad spaces
  • Enable SEO


All of the best WordPress themes will give you a way to configure global settings for your theme. Avada takes this one step further. 

In the Avada dashboard you’ll find a section called Options. Global Options is the area where you’ll customize your theme settings. For instance:

  • Upload your logo and configure brand colors and typography.
  • Configure layouts and styles for different areas of the website. 
  • Adjust responsive settings.
  • Apply global styling to each of the Avada elements.
  • Enable features like a cookie consent bar, breadcrumbs, and social media.
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You can also put your website into maintenance mode from Global Options. This will allow you to develop websites on public and staged domains without having to stress over someone seeing your work before it’s ready.

Something that Avada does that you don’t commonly see is to give users access to Builder Options

The first thing users are able to do is set a default builder so they don’t have to waste time choosing a builder preference in each page, post, product, etc.

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In addition, users are able to include or exclude as many elements from the builder as they like. This will provide a customized and streamlined editing experience.


Divi gives users two areas on the backend where they can configure global theme options. 

Theme Options allow users to adjust basic settings for: 

  • Theme (general)
  • Navigation
  • Builder
  • Layouts
  • SEO
  • Integrations
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There are a few ways in which Avada’s and Divi’s global theme settings differ. 

The first is that there’s no way to put a Divi website into maintenance mode here. To do that, you’ll have to add code in the Customizer

Also, Divi allows users to enable Ads from this panel. So if you’re looking to monetize your website with ads, this is a good option as you won’t have to use a third-party plugin to do so.

Another added bonus is the SEO tool. This removes the need for an SEO plugin. Instead, enable SEO and apply the relevant website and global settings from this panel.

That said, this area of the Divi WordPress theme is pretty limited. Users have to go to Theme Customizer (which is the regular WordPress Customizer) in order to make specific customizations to the theme.

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You’ll be able to fine-tune your global layouts, styles, and settings from here. 

Theme builder

  • Create Avada theme templates for pages, sections, elements, and more
  • Access theme builders to customize global layouts, off canvas elements, icons, forms, and sliders
  • Create global Divi templates for header, footer, and body 
  • Create custom and global section and layout templates and save them to Divi Library


Theme builders allow WordPress users to customize certain parts of the theme that aren’t always accessible in other themes (like the header and footer). They can also use these theme builders to create global page templates of their own.

You’ll find this functionality in Avada in the Dashboard. Under Library, you’ll be able to create your own Library Element.

NsMdHJhR3P8MeX5hIjy8QZI1xgaXznLs3Eia6q4T6ayMB89B QmrW0h04azgdsrzDfqTNCUsqIKJAUuTcgCKOkjWTbdZAjfou5ylGEL5iGbj7LV CjyGLzxZEmWOyKGSwaxajFgpTo0v8mcubc6 Hl0

Library elements include any Avada template you create for:

  • Pages 
  • Containers
  • Columns
  • Elements
  • Post Cards

You can also create and customize the mega menu with Divi.

You’ll find other theme builders in the Avada dashboard for the following:

  • Layouts
  • Off canvas elements like pop-ups, sliders, and overlays
  • Forms
  • Sliders

You can also create or upload custom icon sets here.


At first glance, the Divi Theme Builder may seem a little too simplified as it offers users the ability to create a global header, body, and footer template.

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However, you can create a global page template and enable it to appear based on different page or post type settings. You can also turn elements into reusable global templates from inside the Divi builder.

You also have the option of using the Divi Library to create custom layouts and save them amongst Divi templates. You can create templates for: 

  • Modules
  • Rows
  • Sections

You can make them full-width, specialty, and/or global as well. 

Page builder

  • Backend block builder inside of WordPress
  • Live visual builder for real-time editing via a visual drag-and-drop interface and settings panel
  • Design pages on the frontend of the website using a drag-and-drop and inline editor
  • Responsive editing feature for customizing, testing, and debugging


The Avada Fusion Builder comes with two options. You can pick your preferred builder based on the type of page you’re creating or you can use the theme settings to designate a default builder.

Regardless of which builder you use, they both enable you to build WordPress websites the way you prefer. So you can design everything from-scratch, mix-and-match pre-made layouts, or customize Avada pre-built templates.

The Backend Builder will open up inside of your WordPress pages, posts, and content types.  

SVCBTcorbOriP4q9CtL4TOkr JDHNFjGVtBGrwvIbrG8NvUGrhfCIw8LQA2cND6SHxxx1wwNfwyKQ 1HW2MUEJeAxpq3WOUuwAUhKpWTXNPY1hRuwG GgpSA AZ90H78DD9kFk1WAso9wMXsM7bQZoU

If you prefer the block-building method of web design, this will be the better choice. You’ll still be able to utilize Avada’s pre-made content and edit the settings for each container and element. However, you’ll need to depend more on the preview to see how your resulting designs look.

The Live Visual Builder will take you to the frontend of your Avada shop or site. You can drag-and-drop elements around the Avada live preview, edit your content inline, and fully customize your designs.

The editor bar on the left gives you the ability to customize the content, design, and extra settings for each component on the page. Extra settings include things like positioning, animation, and filters.

avada vs divi

What’s more, you can toggle between different responsive views from the top toolbar, so you can make customizations to your designs based on the screen size. 


Divi has one builder and it’s unlike other page builders in the WordPress ecosystem. This is what put Divi on the map when it first came out.

Like the Avada Fusion builder, you can design your Divi pages in a variety of ways:

  • Create them from-scratch.
  • Mix-and-match pre-made layouts and sections.
  • Customize an imported website pack.

This visual, drag-and-drop editor takes you to the true frontend of your WordPress site.

divi vs avada

You’ll be able to customize the content, design, and advanced settings for every piece of your page. Advanced settings give you control over things like positioning, transitions, and scroll effects. 

The Divi editor is also special for its responsive editing capabilities.

TIeKO J EXn4fR7cH2BJ0L9C8I75gxCkDjOd 295 QTimLcnlwlQu4Dp2haxwAxdhMBe CfmV2lXrLKQmY QEmIUa QlvTf5wL9Pt4S5rPaeeL 39zH526dGTRcrMZfz8o3 BfIDMJpeOYWwCUgnQSM

Most WordPress builders give you the choice to customize designs for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. You can do that with Divi, but you can also select a specific device to customize. 

This would be useful, for instance, if you’ve received a complaint from a user about something they’re seeing from their device. If it’s not one that neatly fits within the viewports of standard responsive views, this feature can help.

It would also come in handy for cross-device testing. Usually web designers and developers have to use a separate tool in order to test their designs on a multitude of devices. Divi brings that work into WordPress so you don’t have to.

Special features

  • Bundle includes 2 required plugins, 6 premium plugins, and 6 recommended plugins
  • Live visual editor makes editing settings and simultaneous pages more efficient
  • Bundle comes with another Divi theme plus 2 marketing plugins
  • Create more dynamic and personalized websites with conditional logic
  • Enable Divi Leads in the builder to run A/B tests


There are a number of Avada features that go beyond what many WordPress users get when they buy premium WordPress themes. 

For starters, Avada comes with six premium plugins. You don’t have to install and activate them if you don’t need them. However, it’s nice to know you can save money if you do. They include:

  1. Avada Custom Branding
  2. Slider Revolution
  3. LayerSlider
  4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  5. ConvertPlus
  6. FileBird Pro

In addition, the Avada bundle comes with eight other plugins. The two Avada ones are required while the other six are recommended:

  • Avada Core
  • Avada Builder
  • bbPress
  • The Events Calendar
  • HubSpot
  • PWA
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO

Having these plugins included in the bundle will save you the time from hunting them down in the WordPress repository.

Another great Avada feature is that the live visual builder cuts down on how much time you spend entering and exiting the builder. You can save your changes from the builder and use the toolbar to navigate to another page. You can also configure global settings, adjust page options, and even edit the header and footer from inside the live builder.


Divi offers its users greater value as well. For starters, the Divi bundle includes other Elegant Themes tools:

  • Extra magazine theme
  • Bloom email opt-ins
  • Monarch social sharing

The two plugins, in particular, are a great addition as they’ll help you level-up your website marketing. That said, Divi is compatible with some of the most popular WordPress plugins. For instance, Divi and WooCommerce work really well together. So you don’t have to rely solely on Divi’s feature set and add-ons if you need more.

There are two other notable features that Divi includes that you don’t find in many WordPress themes or builders. 

One is the conditional logic feature built into the builder. You can set conditions for any element or container — based on user login status, interaction, device, page type, post metadata, etc. This will allow you to make your websites feel more dynamic and personalized.

The other unique feature is Divi Leads. When you enable this feature in the Divi Builder, it will give you the ability to split test your content — either entire pages or specific elements. 


  • 6 months of premium support included
  • Quick start guides
  • 550+ docs
  • 200+ video tutorials
  • Community forum
  • Facebook group
  • 24/7 chat support always available
  • Quick start video guides
  • Docs for Divi, Divi Builder, as well as bundled theme and plugins
  • Community forum
  • Facebook group


For the first six months after you purchase Avada, you’ll have access to direct support provided by Theme Fusion and Avada. 

In addition, Avada users always have convenient access to different support channels from inside of WordPress. There’s a mix of DIY support, Avada support, and community support available. 

Choose from one of six options:

  • Quick start guides
  • Documentation with 550+ help files
  • Ticket submission
  • 200+ video tutorials
  • Community forum
  • Facebook group
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The community support is a nice touch. It’s not something you commonly see with other premium WordPress themes. However, because of the popularity of the Avada WordPress theme and its dedicated following, there’s plenty of it available.


There are no restrictions on how long you’ll receive Divi support for. 

What’s more, tech support doesn’t require a ticket submission. Users can chat with support representatives 24/7. The only thing is that this support isn’t available inside of WordPress, so you’ll have to log into your Elegant Themes account to get it.

Divi does offer self-support options as well. Users will find:

  • Quick start video guides in the Support Center inside of WordPress
  • Documentation on the Elegant Themes website
  • Community forum on the Elegant Themes website
  • Facebook group for Divi theme users
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Documentation and forum topics are robust and cover every aspect of the Elegant Themes ecosystem — including Divi, the Divi Builder, and the other theme and plugins included in the bundle.


  • No free trial 
  • $69 one-time fee for regular license
  • License applies to one website
  • 30-day free trial
  • $89 per year for yearly access license
  • $249 one-time fee for lifetime access license
  • Licenses apply to unlimited websites


In 2023, Avada has a one-time $69 licensing fee that can be used to build one website. It comes with six months of free support. 

There is another licensing option available for $2,950. However, this option is only useful if you’re planning to build a single product that you’ll charge end users for (like a dating website with membership fees). 

There is no free trial available for Avada. 


In 2023, Divi pricing is split between two licensing options. There is a yearly access license which costs $89 each year. The other is a lifetime access license, which costs $249. You can use either license to build an unlimited number of websites.

There is a 30-day free trial with your Elegant Themes membership.

Divi vs Avada: Which should you use?

It’s clear why Avada and Divi are considered the best of the best WordPress themes. However, there are glaring differences between the two website building systems. 

So, in the battle between Divi vs Avada, which one is going to be best for you?

Avada is great if you: 

  • Design a couple dozen sites every year and want a WordPress theme and website builder that’s reliable, intuitive, and feature-packed. 
  • Want an extensive collection of builder elements to work with — as well as the ability to customize their basic settings.
  • Would like to customize and globalize as much or as little of the theme as possible, including the header, footer, mega menu, forms, off canvas elements, and more.

Just be mindful of a few things when it comes to Avada. It can become quite costly since licensing is on a per-website basis. So make sure you’re passing those costs onto your clients. 

Also, Avada has a smaller collection of templates. While the ones available are attractive, responsive, and cover a wide range of industries, you may have to do more customizations than you would with Divi.

Divi is great if you:

  • Design hundreds of websites every year and want enough templates to ensure they all look different.
  • Want to create more dynamic and personalized user interfaces.
  • Spend a ton of time on responsive and A/B testing using outside solutions and want the convenience of running those tests in WordPress.

Just be mindful of a few things when it comes to Divi. For starters, it’s difficult to switch from Divi to another WordPress theme, or vice versa. The way the theme is coded doesn’t always translate well to other themes or builders. So make sure you or your client won’t change your mind and want to migrate in the future.

Also, Divi has created a simplified backend dashboard. However, this comes at the expense of organization in some parts. For instance, you have to customize your theme settings in two places instead of one, which can be inconvenient and cause confusion.

Final thoughts on Avada vs Divi

Both themes have clear strengths and weaknesses. However, Divi seems to be better built for bustling WordPress design agencies. It’s also going to be the better value option for them as well. Avada, on the other hand, is a great solution for freelance web designers as well as DIY WordPress users who want a powerful yet intuitive WordPress theme.

Disclosure: The links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. The commission will not increase the price you pay for these products or services. Please buy the products or services only if you need them.